Festival of Vedanta - Brazil 2023

Swamini Chidekarasananda Saraswati ji was invited by Acharya Jonas Masetti (Founder of the Vishva Vidya Organisation in Brazil) for the Annual Festival of Vedanta at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in May 2023.

A variety of spiritual leaders from all over the world and many from Brazil, including the leaders of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, were all present at this festival, which signified the harmony of spiritual traditions from Brazil, India and around the world.

Swamini Chideka ji also gave talks on Vedanta and conducted kirtan training sessions for over 5000 participants throughout the week-long festival.

Below are some glimpses of the festival...

Jai Jai Jai Jai Ganapati Deva

You are the Creator

Consciousness - The Intelligent Cause

Valedictory- Festival of Vedanta